Doing A Broadway Musical …

We have Saturday and Sunday off this week so I can catch up with sleep and rest the body.

Last night I joined friends to see the stunningly beautiful Jose Limon Dance Company who are keeping alive the remarkable choreography of a Mexican artist who worked in the 1930’s and 40’s. The performance was with the collaboration of the Royal Danish Ballet. The evening was a celebration of dance and dancers at the highest level of the craft.


More on Monday …

Gotta go, Gotta Dance.

18 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical …

  1. Happy you have the weekend off for some rest and relaxation!!!! You look wonderful, as always, Stef! Love reading your posts as you fulfill your dream! Thanks for the updates! I know you’ll be amazing!


  2. Stefanie. enjoy your weekend off. Hope you get to relax and as you said catch up on your sleep. I’ can’t wait until the show comes to ny glad you had fun at the dance performance. I enjoy reading your post as if I am there in person

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  3. Get your rest Ms. Powers. You desrve to rest. You do so much for others and animals. I wish that I could see your performance. Will Gotta Dance come out on DVD?? I hope that it does. May God continue to bless you in all that you do. Keep dancing and thank you for being you.
    P.S. I sent in a request on for you and Mr. Wagner to appear on an episode of Where Are They Now. I hope that Oprah chooses or grants my request. Much love to you Ms. Powers


  4. Thank you, for just being you. 🌹, I hope you can get some well deserved rest. I’m so happy you had a great evening.. I think your the best of the best, and truly Amazing. Thanks for your awesome post. Gotta Dance is so exciting..

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  5. Rest up and enjoy the weekend Stefanie. Love reading about your experience with Gotta Dance. Can’t wait to see the show in December.


  6. Stef, have fun and don’t forget to rest. You inspire me to ďo things I’ve never done…thank you. Can’t wait for Gotta Dance to come to NY. ❤🐘 God bless


  7. Hi Stef, Glad that you are also enjoying yourself while in Chicago for the musical Gotta Dance. You deserve to have the weekend off to rest up your body. Thank you for all that you do and for everything that you have done. You have made yourself a name not only in Hollywood but around the world for all the great things that you have done such as the William Holden Foundation. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend and have fun. Love hearing about your preparations for the show and that you keep your fans informed. you are great. Much admiration & love for you & For all the great talent that you have. Thank you.

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  8. Hi Stefanie, I am enjoying your blog and I am very excited and happy for you! I wish I could be there to see Gotta Dance in Chicago! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Have fun and take care!


  9. Dear Stefanie,All my kindest regards from Germany. Enjoy your weekend. You are always an inspiration and rolemodel for me concerning strength and power doing your job, the enthusiam you put in it and your strong will to learn new things. Thank you for being you. I hope you have a blast doing that musical. Gotta dance!🌹


  10. Stefanie,
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with us! So looking forward to seeing your performance on December 17 and 18th. Hopefully there’s a chance to meet and greet on one of those two days. Remember to take the time to savor the moments and enjoy the ride that you’ve well-deserved.

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