Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 7

Today was our very first day dancing with the entire cast … or should I say with the younger members of the cast, or should I call them the juniors – or maybe the children. We incorporated everyone into some of the choreography it took us two weeks to learn. It is with a considerable amount of envy that I say, it was not only remarkable how quickly they picked up the steps and the syncopated rhythm … but it was damned annoying. Nothing so illustrates the toll time takes on our agile brain activities, not to mention the speed with which the mind sends its message to the body, as a demonstration of how we used to be 30 years or so ago so dramatically illustrated by the gorgeous nubile bodies of our lovely young cast members.

More layers tomorrow.

Below is a photo with our musical director Charlie Alterman … notice my clothing … it can also be chilly inside the rehearsal hall, and with the changeable weather I am now nursing an oncoming cold. Have to nip it in the bud.


Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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