Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 9

Sorry yesterday’s blog never arrived. I was so tired after a long day fighting my infection while trying to dance, sing and remember what I was doing … all the while my head pounded and the fever turned the perspiration into buckets of sweat. This morning the drugs finally kicked in and the cloud lifted … I am not at my best when sick … happiness is feeling well and happiness is also the new song I was given which is enhanced by a dance variation with two of our lovely and talented young men and the divine Nancy Ticotin.

Tomorrow ( Saturday) is the end of our week … so much has been accomplished and so much yet to be done, so the adventure is just beginning and has much more to go but a memorable start.


Happy Halloween.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


3 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 9

  1. You’re even MORE amazing than I already knew you were! Thanks for the blog you do get sent out, helping us to feel a part of it! Praying you get well SUPER fast & that I get to go to Chicago! Hope today you got some rest!
    Hugs! Vicki Anderson, Elon NC


  2. Dear Stef, thank for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Never stop dancing. Never! Cause you are a great inspiration to all of us, your fans and admirers throughout the world.
    In this sense, I’d like to announce that I’ve just started my own project of ballet for adults. Most of us are in our 40s. It feels great to make a dream come true like you are doing now on Broadway.
    My project works at a public school where I had my first dancing class in 1979. That time you were starting “Hart to Hart” on TV. The show premiered in Brazil in 1981. Since then you’ve been my greatest example in life and, as time goes by, my admiration for you just grows and grows.
    My project is called “Bailarinas Por que Não?!” (Ballerinas, why not?!) dedicated to those who have always dreamed of dancing but never had an opportunity for that. I’m working in partnership with my ballet teacher.
    The project works like this: I renovate the space for the students – so that they can have a proper dance room – and we use the same space after school hours and during the weekends.
    I’ve been working extra hours to make the money for that, but now my first dance room is ready.It feels good to be able to share my love for the dance with young students from a public school and give the grown ups a chance to prove that it’s never to late to start making dreams come true. I just wanted to share this with you. Hope you have the time to read my comment. Thank you for being my inspiration, my model, my greatest teacher.
    Yes, we Gotta Dance. May your musical be a success in every sense!
    With love, Cláudia Bengtson

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