Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 22

Monday …

This is a day that always brings new energy after a day off, it also brought me a lovely new pair of shoes … dancing shoes … made by Bloch in the U.K. complete with a 3″ heel designed to make the dancers feet look their best. But 3″ is still rather high to be jumping around in so I cross my fingers as we rehearsed a new number that I’m featured in that requires  song and dance so that the shoes have to work and thankfully they did. I will be happier when I have a few more go’s at this number to feel secure.

Our day ended with a discussion and tutorial on social media by the staff of a company contracted by the production to handle social media and coordinate what they are doing to promote the show and what we all may be doing privately that might be helpful to their efforts.

I was very interested in enlarging my understanding of twitter, most particularly how to obtain one of those blue dots that designates the tweet is actually coming from me. Apparently it is not an easy process to obtain one of those blue dots.

So I just posted a photo of my horse and it was amazing how many people responded. I don’t really understand the social media phenomena but I am learning.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


6 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 22

  1. Stefanie the picture of your horse is very sweet. You must miss your animals at home. I hope you brought one of your dogs to keep you company in your little time off. I’m sure you will break in your new shoes quickly.

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  2. Thanks SO much for taking “blog time!” Loved Spot the pony…simply “gawgeous!” Excited for the show. Flying in from Atlanta. See ya Dec 29th… hopefully will have a chance to meet you. You’re the reason I found my “Jonathan Hart” 28 yrs ago! Thanks! I owe you BIG!

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  3. New shoes….exciting! Hopefully they continue to work well for you.
    Yes, social media can be an interesting phenomenon. 🙂 You always brighten our days with your posts, maybe our comments do a little of the same for you. 🙂

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  4. I was one of the ones who left you a comment about the picture of Spot you posted on your Twitter Page. He is gorgeous. Glad to hear you got new shoes for the play. Please be careful as you stated they had a heel to them.
    Looking forward to your next blog. Take care and be well. Love ya! xox

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