Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 23

Tuesday …

The days go by so quickly, going back over the first act reminds us of how far we’ve come and yet how much farther we need to go. I saw the divine Audra McDonald in the elevator, she is also deeply immersed in rehearsing her show … she said, “We’re tapping our hearts out on the 9th floor.” And I said “Well, we are hip-hopping our hearts out on the 5th floor”. The building we are in literally vibrates with all the talent who are diligently working with determination and dedication … that’s a lot of D’s …

My last obligation of the day was another costume fitting. Getting the costumes right is crucial and our lovely costumers have tirelessly shopped for a wonderful assortment of styles to choose from … it’s like having a personal shopper, for as we dress “Joanne” Stefanie finds lovely bits that could nicely flesh out my own wardrobe. I am a reluctant shopper so I very much appreciate the help.

Now for my HOT date … the tub is filling so …

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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