Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 24

Wednesday …

This is predicted to be the mildest day in this week’s weather pattern, most of which is warmer than usual … tomorrow is supposed to bring at least 2” worth or rain with a temperature of 68 degrees … so wet, but relatively warm. That’s the weather report outside the rehearsal hall. Inside the climate was even warmer and the pressure to commit to the blocking and the choreography is beginning even if we are changing things as we go – that’s the part that is difficult to explain. At the same time that we know what we are doing is not the finished product, we still have to perform it as if it is.

Today’s non-stop run of Act I did find some good and worthwhile moments that doing the act bit by bit cannot show. It is crucial that we as performers can find the truth in the moments we have, even as those moments are developing. Tomorrow we revisit Act II … that will be interesting.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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