Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 25

Thursday …

As promised RAIN all day and into the night … oh that my beloved California could share in this, not to mention that the news from Kenya is torrential rains from the El Niño effect. It will take a lot of El Niño to refill dams and reservoirs of Southern California, so we can live in hope that the rains will be fruitful this winter.

Today we were still on Act II as we will be tomorrow, and on Saturday we will take a very deep breath and run the entire show … Act I Act II and then we will collapse.

I still feel that I have not done my one big number called “All Eyes On Me” enough times for my comfort zone. “All Eyes On Me” has been in constant evolution so I can’t seem to get it into my cells which I desperately need to do. The fact is that most of all the other numbers were done in some form when we did the workshop so they have a bit of a head start. I’m not complaining I’m just being truthful and insecure.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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