Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 26

Friday …

I had a twitter breakthrough today, although I still need a lot of coaching, my tweets are beginning to find a following. If anyone has come to this blog via twitter, then … how do I say welcome in tweet? … chirp chirp?

You may recall that weeks ago we went through a period of time called “boot camp” for the sole purpose of getting the vocabulary of the choreography into our bodies so the movements would not be so alien to us, and for the most part it has worked very well and we are putting all the combinations together … not quite in unison yet, but getting there. At the end of the day our coordination has to be as precise as the Rockettes. We worked on our finale today, which we have learned in bits and pieces over the past weeks, and is now coming together, but the last part of today the boss turned it all upside down and created a new concept which is almost a mathematical equation … The steps are familiar but the patterns are new and geometric. How Jerry Mitchell managed to visualize it and put it on its feet is a mystery … Hats off to him!

It will be interesting if any of us can remember this innovation tomorrow.

Gotta go get a flu shot … then

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


One thought on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 26

  1. Got to give it to you Stefanie. You are amazing to be able to learn & do all these amazing dance routines. And now learning to tweet its just fantastic. You should be so very proud of yourself that you are a tiny bit older (although you still look amazing, like you did when you were on Hart to Hart), and are doing a Broadway musical. Congradulations to you.
    Stay strong & Dance
    Debbie Knight


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