Doing A Broadway Musical – Day 28

Monday …

We had our first audience today, most of those in attendance were either investors or very close friends of the producers, the director, the writers, and the composer. We had done our warm-up earlier in the morning and we were assured that the audience would be well informed that the cast was still in rehearsals and that this was by no means a finished product. But it is difficult for any audience to understand a rehearsal process unless they have actually gone through it personally. As performers it is our instinct to perform, yet we are still not well-seeded in our parts because they are still evolving, so we gave as much as we could given our insecurities. In any event, it was good to have an audience – it was very interesting to hear their reactions, to have people laugh at what was meant to be funny, as well as to not laugh at what was meant to be funny. All in all it was a worthwhile exercise for all of us.

This is a very special time in the year as we come close to the festive season. In New York City holiday lights are being installed everywhere. Near Lincoln Center where I am living the entire neighborhood seems to be out-lined in fairy lights, circling around trees and lampposts and draped over doorways, and if you can believe it Christmas decorations even before we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving. It is predicted that on Thanksgiving Day we will enjoy 58 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be fabulous for all those participating in the famous Macy’s Day Parade. This evening I actually bought the first Christmas gift of this year, I can’t believe it, and everyone in our cast seems to be planning their strategies for the pre-Christmas sales. The madness comes earlier each year, or it seems that way, and the temperature drops down to a nice 45 degrees which made it really feel more appropriate for Santa Claus.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


One thought on “Doing A Broadway Musical – Day 28

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and hearing about all the things that go into getting ready for this show. I am sure seeing NY transform for the holidays is just amazing. I hope you get to spend some time with friends this week and enjoy some good food. Just 19 days left until opening night. Much love 💜

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