Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 29

Tuesday …

Because we will have another audience tomorrow for our non-stop run-through of the entire show, today we worked on refining and tidying up pieces that had either not been significant enough to refine before or which still needed more work. This process will continue until finally the play is frozen, which will be months from now.


Among the changes was a major one to my part … the replacement of the song that is the centerpiece of the number that features me as the character Joanne. This musical number not only serves to hopefully entertain but it needs to reveal more about the character that will serve to justify why the character behaves the way she does. This pivotal moment was not being fulfilled in the eyes of Jerry Mitchell, our director. So our lyricist Nell Benjamin, our composer Matthew Sklar, and our playwrights Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin, collaborated in re-working a song which had previously been cut and creating a new number that will hopefully realize what was missing. Tomorrow we will try it out in front of an audience, probably holding the pages. The number is called “Twenty Thousand People”. My fingers are crossed …

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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