Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 31

I came home on Friday after a long, but very constructive day refining bits and pieces and going deeper into my new number that we roughly blocked just prior to Thanksgiving and will perform tomorrow. Then all the usual stuff … I came home, did laundry, packed a bag getting ready for my departure on Sunday morning. Then took a shower, washed my hair which is a major production, and as I was studying I fell asleep and woke up at 3am … the lights were on, the television was on, but clearly I was not going to write my blog. So today two for one!!! Almost as good the Black Friday sales.

And then Saturday we were called earlier than our usual time so many people arrived accompanied by their various pieces of luggage which the producers have offered to transport on their truck. Unfortunately, the building that houses the rehearsal’s hall of the New 42nd Street Studios  has a rigid policy that their doors do not open until 9am – not 8:59 – but at precisely 9am. So there was a crowd of us on the sidewalks with suitcases having our morning coffee and gossip on the sidewalk awaiting the doors to open.

Our run-through had an invited audience of family and friends – they were wonderfully responsive so at the end we felt tired but good. All of us anxious to move on to Chicago and our next challenge.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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7 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 31

  1. We were hoping yhe absence of the blog meant you were able to rest and relax with friends and family. Alas, you were hard at work refining for Chicago! Can’t believe there show opens in 14 days! So excited! Hang in there, we’re all rooting you on!

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  2. Hi Ms. Powers,
    So very happy to see that you are still doing your blog. I was anxiously waiting for it. I figured that you had quite a bit to do and would get around to it. Thank you.
    praying that you all had a safe trip to Chicago and everything is going well.
    Take care
    Bernita Montgomery

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  3. It sounds like you needed the rest having fallen asleep with the lights and tv on. I am excited to hear about your travel to Chicago and how the rehearsals go. Time is drawing close, you must be nervously excited. You make us feel as though we are there with you. I find myself getting excited about the upcoming performances. Bundle up. I hear it is cold in Chicago.

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  4. Glad to see you made it safe to Chicago. I hope you are getting settled in there. It looks like it’s a bigger city than NY. Tall buildings etc. It will be my first time there in January. Looking forward to 2 and 1/2 days in Chicago. The only thing that scares me is flying there to see you. I am not a big flyer. I get scared and sometimes sick from turbulence. I am going to face one of my fears and fly to see you perform and fulfill one of my biggest dreams in life.
    Icing on the cake is to be able to meet you too! I am very excited about this. I hope to become one of your girls. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday. I can’t wait to hear about day 1 in Chicago. You looked so happy in the pictures you posted today. YAY!

    Talk soon, Love and hugs
    Jeanne Brizzee

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