Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 44

Thursday …

After a wonderful opening night last Sunday for our first preview with an audience of lively and responsive people, Monday was a day off.

Tuesday we went back to work . Excuse me for not having written since Sunday but I’ve been a bit busy, and I will try to catch you up by giving an overview of why we are in Chicago. The purpose of an out of town opening … meaning out of New York City … is to perform the material we have, fix what does not work, modify some of what does work and tryout new ideas. With this in mind every day begins with changes, then they have to light the changes, re-program the computers to accommodate the changes, and rehearse the changes so they can be put into the show that evening. The stress is constant and so is the pressure, mostly the pressure we put on ourselves, which is something we have all been doing for a very long time in a quest for perfection which we have not yet achieved. Once the powers that be decide to keep the new material it will be easiest to commit to making it work, even if the road to that point is rather insecure.

Our audiences are lovely and generous. I have had the added pleasure of being blessed by visits from some of my oldest and most loyal fans who are also supporters of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. These lovely people have donated for many years to our work and surprised me by presenting me with a check to the foundation from some fundraising they had done organized by Sarah, Gysa and Silvia.  This past few days other fans fans have traveled from Arkansas, Maine, South Carolina, Virgina, Alaska, Mississippi, Scotland, England, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, Montana, California and Missouri. I will never be able to find words enough to thank them all, but I think, and I hope they know, how much I appreciate them. What a lucky girl I am indeed to have all of them in my life.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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7 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 44

  1. It was wonderful show I’m trying to go this evening to. Thank you for sharing and diffently understand not sharing everyday especially after seeing your excellent performance and the energy that goes into each performance. You are a hero to us less active younger ones who need to move our bodies more. Thank you is not enough to express my appreciation for you and your example. Dance on Ms. Powers as you are very love. Kim A


  2. I am sure this whole process is very tiring for you and the others with having to make changes daily. I have heard lots of wonderful things about the show and am looking forward to it next week. I will be coming from Texas and am excited to get back to my “home” town to see you and the show. Much love always 💜.


  3. How sweet you are Stefanie to remember where we all come from. You may be lucky to have us but we too are lucky to have you! Because of you I have met many new friends and flew for the first time in more than 8 years to conquer my fear. My life had changed because of you and these fine fans from all over. So I am thanking you for being such a kind, genuine person that we can love from afar and if lucky meet you.


  4. Ms. Powers it was indeed a pleasure meeting you! I’m home now having GottaDance withdrawals because for the past two nights I’ve been enjoying the cast of GottaDance!! I hope DVD’s will be made so that I can watch it over and over. I know you Gotta Go you Gotta Dance! Love ya Stephanie with a ph! : )


  5. From some of the comments I saw after your opening night it looks like your trial run in Chicago is going great despite your director’s necessary tweeking. Since you’re being received by the audience in a positive way it looks like your hard work in getting the constant changes down pat is paying off. Bravo to you and the rest of the cast.


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