Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 45

Sunday …

I can’t speak for the cast, but I assume they feel as I do that Monday off after two shows Saturday and two shows Sunday this weekend and next weekend will be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to understand how to respond to Twitter … I feel like a Neanderthal. But I am learning with the help of our junior cast … I fear that by the time I become conversant with Twitter everyone will have gone to Instagram or some other means of communicating … I also have been told that unless I have a blue dot next to my name no one will think it is me, so what is the point?

Anyway, I am trying and that is the point … funny how the moral of our play echoes daily … never stop and never give up.

Gotta go. GOTTA DANCE.


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8 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 45

  1. Thanks for still posting..I can’t wait for Chicago…I will never give’s my birthday n reading your blog is a great gift.. always in my prayers..please rest, relax, and don’t forget a glass of wine.


  2. Congrats on completing a hard week of shows. Hope you get Monday off to recoup and prepare for another week. I am looking forward to seeing the show this next weekend.
    About the technology stuff: just keep trying. You will get used to it eventually. Keep tweeting. Those of us who know you, know it is really you. We are trying to get the word out that it is you so don’t give up. Much love always 💜

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  3. Hi Ms. Powers,
    Don’ t stress about Twitter…you will get it.🌝 Also, I believe that your fans know that we are communicating with the REAL Stefanie Powers…and you will have your blue dot very soon…so please do not give up.

    Much love,
    Bernita Montgomery
    P.S. I hope that you saw the name flowers that I created for you on Twitter. I will send them to you next month at your fanmail address. YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD!!

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  4. Ms. P I hope you can get your rest today. I still can’t figure out Twitter either and I’ve had an account for a couple years😳 So you’re not alone there. I know this is your blog so that’s sufficient for me sometimes social media is maddening anyway😁 I really enjoyed the show your performance was FANTASTIC!!! Meeting you was a dream come true!! I know you Gotta go you Gotta rest!! Love ya your fan forever Stephanie Stewart with a ph😄❤️

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  5. Agree with others. I am bad at Twitter too. Just went on to follow you. You are awesome. I enjoyed seeing the show opening night. And meeting you was the thrill of a lifetime. Hope you get your rest today. Although we enjoy your blog, if you are too tired, just rest and don’t do it. Take care of yourself first! We will still love you.! Gin


  6. Enjoy your day off and rest your back. Congratulations on the success so far of Gotta Dance. You are absolutely amazing! Looking forward to seeing you it in January. Wishing you a special and joyful Christmas. Take care of yourself. Hugs. Joanne.


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