Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 46

As we get toward the Christmas holidays our adventure in the theatre is reaching audiences who are filled with the seasonal joy as was our audience tonight. Having begun the day very early doing the local morning news show followed by rehearsing edits to the dialogue and a new version of the finale musical number, I thought I would be wiped out for the evening performance. But the audience was so responsive that it filled the cast with a certain energy that I had not felt before. I can honestly say that for me this was our best performance so far. Tomorrow we have two shows and the 24th we have a matinee, so excuse me if I resume writing the blog on the 26th,, and in the meantime I wish everyone great happiness, long term health during these lovely holidays and for those of you who celebrate Christmas Ho Ho Ho! I will be having a Polish Christmas with all the traditional food and a midnight Mass in the company of my dear friend and manager John Sobanski along with many of our Polish friends here.

Much love.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.



Getting puppy love from Honey … Her Mom Adinah plays Brenda in Gotta Dance

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7 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 46

  1. I think the energy you guys felt was not only the inspiration coming from the audience but that you’re all starting have confidence in your performances despite the changes. This is a sign that you have come full circle and have begun to arrive. Give yourselves a round of applause and a pat on each others’ back. Bravo.
    What a cutie that Honey is. Don’t know if you have your dogs with you but if you don’t, it looks like Honey is willing to fill in for them in the meantime. lol.
    Am sending my holiday wishes to you, Honey, Adinah and the rest of the cast.


  2. Hope your Christmas is wonderful and comforting to you. Glad that the show is going well. Glad that you get to celebrate your heritage also. Much love to you this holiday and continued success. By the way you looked great on the tv broadcast.


  3. Wishing you the best Christmas ever Ms. Powers! Your blog makes me want to come back to Chicago to see a 3rd show! I hope you feel the love from all your fans especially me😘 Enjoy your day and I’ll be waiting for your next blog! Love you! Your Fan Forever! Stephanie Stewart with a ph 😘❀️😍


    We are Dogsitting Archie while his Dads Oscar and Jeff B are in Mexico…He is a CHRISTMAS TREAT!
    Looks like you got your Licks too. =0-) Love to the SOBANSKI…
    SMOOCHMAS to you both

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  5. I am glad to hear you had the best performance yet. Proud of you. πŸ™‚ Love the picture of you and Honey. Dog is so adorable! Kudos to you and all the cast members. Every time I hear a comment about the play from other fan members of yours and from reading your blogs I get even more excited to see this play. It’s coming up fast for me. I arrive January 6th in Chicago and see you perform at the Jan. 7th show. WOO HOO! This is going to be the best day of my life! It’s been a dream of mine to see you perform and meet you for 20 years.

    Happy Holidays to you! Enjoy your Polish Christmas dinner with friends.

    Keep on Dancing!
    Jeanne xox

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