Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 47

We had two shows today … and for the second show we had a surprise guest … Jane Lynch.


We were also visited today by the real life Chicago Bulls Swingin’ Seniors who do the half time show for the Chicago Bulls.


Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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3 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 47

  1. Stefanie, the show was great. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us afterwards. I hope you were able to write this blog post while soaking in a hot tub. Get some rest. Only 1 show tomorrow. Yeah!!! Much love always 💜

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  2. So nice that you guys are getting so many visitors. Not surprised to see Jane Lynch there being as how she’s an alumni of the theatre scene in Chicago and a native of Illinois. By the time this show gets to New York there’ll probably be 3 times that many people so be prepared. I’m here in New York and can’t make it to any of the Chicago performances. I’ll have to wait until you start your run in my hometown of New York. You look great in your costume and let me guess, you picked the #73? lol

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  3. Stefanie, What a great time you are having! I am so proud of you! You are truly an amazing person and such an inspiration to me and that’s why I look up to you! 11 days until I land in Chicago, 12 days until I see the show and hopefully meet you after. I am awaiting the confirmation from your fan club about the meet and greet. I am very excited. I haven’t been on a vacation like this for 10 years. I’ve been taking care of my mom who is disabled and living with me. I have my cousins to thank for being able to watch her so I can come and make one of my biggest dreams come true. Keep up the great work and see you soon! Much Love and many Hugs to you!

    Jeanne Brizzee

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