Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 52

Tuesday …

We only have 2 more weeks in Chicago so it is an ideal time for all of the creative juices of the writers to have an opportunity to try out new material that will ultimately benefit the show since as of the 17th of this month we close and will not reconvene until the end of August. So today we tried some changes that may or may not stay with the show, and the rest of the week will probably contain the same exercises.

We had a wonderful audience tonight, they were enthusiastic and very vocal, and that is what counts.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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One thought on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 52

  1. Ms. Powers,
    Wow…time is going by so fast. Seems as if you just started your blog and you all were just in boot camp. I could not make it to the Chicago shows…but I am certainly making plans to come see you when you all open the show in New York.
    P.S. I have every one of your blogs saved to my tablet.

    Much love,
    Bernita Montgomery


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