Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 56

Here is a photo with some of the fans that came to see the Saturday night performance.


Mary Lou, my darling friend and colleague at Sears during the years we
produced the line of clothing called the Stefanie Powers Collectables, sent these beautiful flowers. Thank you, Mary Lou.


These booties were hand made by my fan Marcia’s mom, who gave Marcia a birthday present of a ticket to come see our show with friends for the second time, so they drove from Indiana. Thank you mom!


Among my fan guests were two supporters of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, who came from Salt Lake City, as well as others from Ohio.
It was lovely to see them all and their generosity and time to the WHWF is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Sunday was a matinee and tomorrow is a DAY OFF.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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2 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 56

  1. You are so loved. I also can’t believe it’s almost time for the show to end. -Well, until the fall. I hope you have enjoyed your experience in this musical. I hope to get to see it in New York. If not, hopefully it will come out on DVD or something. 🙂


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