Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 57

Thursday …

Here is a photo of a long time fan of Hart to Hart and supporter that goes way back to Love Letters and the Sarah Siddons Award, who even managed to let RJ know that we were all going to be together tonight.


with Barbara and her husband David

Today we celebrated Jerry Mitchell’s birthday … a day early as his birthday is actually tomorrow, Jan. 15.




With only four performances left of our Chicago run, the director, composer, lyricist and writers will now go back to New York to work on many aspects of the show that they think will make it better than it already is, and we all look forward to reconvening in the fall.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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7 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 57

  1. Good morning Ms Powers! I know you must be so ready to get back home,get caught up on your rest, and to see your fury babies! I wish I could come back to the show to see all the new changes, but I guess I’ll start saving for the NY run! Wishing you peace, health and rest! Much love your fan forever! I hope you continue your blogs because I enjoy reading them! 😘


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