Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 58

Friday night’s audience was adorable, and I just want to thank all these wonderful fans …

Gorgeous flowers for our closing weekend from my fans Chilli, Denise, Melissa, Pam, Emma and Claudette.


Another longtime devoted fan from Texas, Stevie, gave me the most beautiful hand mirror which she made herself out of porcelain.


We have three more shows to do and then we put the baby to bed for a while. But if you like I can carry on with the blog which has now become a habit for me, so please let me know.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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37 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 58

  1. Most certainly . . . YES! Carry on with the blog! Love it! And loved the show! Hoping to be healthy enough to travel again when it comes to New York! Thanks so much for being so gracious and taking time to meet with me after the show. You’re every bit the gorgeous, classy lady I knew Mrs. H to be! ❤


  2. Stefanie,

    Please continue with the blog. I have loved reading it & hearing about the show. I did see Gotta Dance & meet you after the show & I loved it! I wish I was able to come & see it again this weekend.:((.

    I am patiently waiting & hoping that you continue on in the fall when it hits NY. I never been to NYC & this would be the best way to see it & you.

    Thank you for all that you do & I will continue to contribute to WHWLF as much as I can.

    Love always ????

    Tina Belanger Sent from my iPhone

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  3. Oops. Don’t know what happened there with my laptop but getting back to what I was saying, absolutely continue with the blog. I enjoy hearing from you. And just like it’s become part of your routine it has also become part of mine. Not reading your blog would make me feel like something is missing from my day and I say with complete confidence that everyone will agree with everything I’ve said. Right gang?

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  4. Hi Stef……please follow on your blog….I so enjoyed your daily updates …..I will miss you and I know Chicago will miss you too! …. Hope to see you soon ….maybe another production will bring you to our windy and cold city…..maybe when the weather is better ….I hope I’ll be in better health so I can meet with you…stay well my dear Stefanie. …..and keep in touch….much love Mary Lou Bilder ..xxoo Sent from my iPad


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  5. Definitely continue with the blog! Very few people outside theatre really understand the complexity of the creative process and the discipline it requires from the creative team through the stage hands and actors. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your fans to be included in the process – and I have enjoyed sharing many of your blogs with my 3rd graders as we rehearse and prepare for our own play. Even when there is nothing new going on with the musical, keep everyone informed of the WHWF as well as what you and the other actors are up to while you are waiting for the book to solidify and for the appropriate theatre to open up. Take care…

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  6. Don’t give up your blog Stefanie!!!!
    I Will visit New York in october 2016, l hope to meet you maybe i Will see you in a Show…
    Gotta go, Gotta Dance for your three shows…..
    A french Fan Sophie


  7. Ms. Powers,
    Just as you have gotten use to writing the blog… we have gotten use to reading it.

    Much love,
    Bernita Montgomery


  8. I would absolutely LOVE for you to keep up with the blog!!!! I enjoy these daily windows into your world more than you know and was thinking I’d really miss them if you aren’t able to keep them going. Thank you for all you do for your fans!!! Hope you get some rest now and are able to see all of your animals back home.


  9. Ms. Powers, enjoy reading your blog with my morning coffee. I hope you continue your blog and anxiously await “Gotta Dance” coming to New York, it will be a late birthday present to myself. I intend to see it at least 3x’s. Enjoy your time off, long rest but knowing you there are more projects on your horizon. Blessings to you, Ms. Powers.


  10. Dear Stefanie,

    Please do continue with your blog. If you write it, we will read it! I enjoyed being able to see the show in Chicago and having read your blogs first gave me an interesting background on the behind the scenes work.

    Thank you for being so gracious and meeting with us after the show. I look forward to seeing the show again in NY.



  11. Stefanie, reading about your journey has been inspiring and so informative about the commitment and energy it takes to launch a new theatrical endeavor. I hope you’ll continue to share your adventures after curtain falls in Chicago. You have so many fascinating passions and interests and this seems to be a great forum to further your reach and speak your “hart” on those causes. If you don’t continue, a sincere thanks for sharing this chapter of your journey with us up close and personal. — Susan


  12. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady!! 💐💐💐💐Of course we want you keep up the blogs!! I look forward to going to my emails seeing your blog there! I like to read them from my email before they are shared! Hope you can get some rest to rejuvenate for next task whatever it may be. Much love your fan forever! Stephanie with a Ph! I hope that’s how you’ll remember me🤔❤️❤️❤️❤️


  13. Yes, please keep up with your blog! It’s been great reading this each day and it would be wonderful to keep hearing about your activities. I am flying to Chicago this morning to see one of the last shows- looking forward to it!
    All the best!


  14. Please keep writing. It is such a gift thay you have allowed your fans a glimpse of your life.

    The 13 year old me would never have imagined being able to read about your adventures in Gotta Dance and beyond.

    So looking forward to seeing the show in NYC in the fall. And hopefully meeting you! Xoxo


  15. Please DO continue your blog! As a long-time follower of your work (McClintock, Hart to Hart, TV movies), I enjoy the blog updates! In fact, your blog is why I became interested in Gotta Dance, and why I am in Chicago from Branson, MO to see the play this evening. Looking forward to it! Thank you for your work to bring entertainment and joy to others!


  16. I would defnitely love it if you continued your blog. I enjoy the updates on the production and hope to see you in NYC. Hearing about your other activities regarding the WHWF and whatever else you care about would be a treat. God bless you and your furry friends.


  17. Yes, please continue blogging. I’ve had a great time reading about your adventures bringing this musical to life. You were so gracious to my husband and myself at the meet and greet last night. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak with us and snap a few photos. I’m afraid I’ve already experienced one of my best moments of 2016 and it’s only January. Hopefully, we can meet again during the Broadway run.
    Good Luck and please keep blogging


  18. Stefanie, When I saw you the night at On Your Feet, I mentioned to you how much I love reading your blog– Please continue writing your blog after the Chicago run of Gotta Dance .. I am looking forward to seeing gotta dance when it comes to ny in September.. Enjoy these Chicago closing performances.


  19. Yes!m, absolutely! Please keep writing the blog Stefanie. I have so enjoyed all the fascinating behind the scenes tif bits and lovely photo. The last time I saw you perform was in Love Letters at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach (followed by the polo tournament.) As soon as the Gotta Dance dates are announced, I’ll buy my ticket and book my flight to New York. Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do! Hugs, Tara


  20. I have enjoyed following both you and how a Broadway musical is developed. Thank you for sharing your activities and feelings over these past several months. I am looking forward to traveling to New York to see the musical in the fall when you open on Broadway. You are an inspiration to many of us. Marilyn


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