On my way back to Los Angeles – it has been a whirlwind week long trip to London.


Here’s a photo out with friends … Stephen Fry, Suzi Digby OBE, the first female Beefeater in the Tower of London and Tim. (Photo taken by Sarah Oliver.)

We attended the ORA Coral Concert at the Royal Chapel of the Tower of London. Suzi’s concert of coral music is inspired by 16th and 17th century work written by a  contemporary composer. Her hope is to one day fund new works based on the themes of classical coral pieces hundreds of years old. The music is transporting – I was thrilled to have had this great experience. What fabulous music!

Oh and by the way, the concert was held in the Royal Chapel where there are many notable people buried,  including Anne Bolin and her head, Oliver Cromwell and Lady Jane Grey.


The pre BAFTA party was held at Kensington Palace – it was very cold and raining and I was happy to get inside after the obligatory pictures.


Sunday was the BAFTA Awards, and it was freezing cold – glad I had my feathers on!

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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6 thoughts on “BAFTA AWARDS

  1. There you are! So wonderful that you enjoyed your time in London. I’m sure the choral concert was fantastic! To me, music transcends time. You looked absolutely gorgeous at the BAFTA awards . . . feathers and all! Brava! Thanks so much for sharing this all with those of us who happen to think you’re pretty amazing!

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  2. You are just wonderful lady giving us little tidbits… you must know us very well by now. Sounds like you had a crazy but fun week. Safe Travels back to LA! Love the Rare Orchid perfume. So glad I ordered it! Looking forward to your updates and one more thing… YOU LOOK FANTASTIC in all the photos… Thanks so much for sharing with us! Forever a FAN! Trish

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  3. Stefanie,

    I hope you have a safe trip home!
    Wonderful to hear of all of your adventures….sounds fun! You look absolutely beautiful in every picture!!!!! You truly are beautiful inside and outside.
    Thanks for all you do for animals, for our planet and for your fans! Love Rare Orchid and thanks for signing it!!!!! 🙂

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