Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 2

Oh boy … after yesterday my brain is scrambled and my body is fried. Not something I recommend for a menu. I took the long soak in the welcome hot tub with Epson Salts last night and I’m ready for Day 2.

We are rehearsing in the new studios on 42nd Street, a building which contains many floors of lovely spaces to accommodate the rehearsal needs of all the performing arts. Got into the elevator with two men … one was wearing a hat … had a salt and pepper beard … and was taller than I remembered him to be. “Hi Bruce,” I said, pointing at myself … “Stefanie.” … “Oh, hi,” he said. “You rehearsing here?”… “Yes, a new musical called “Gotta Dance. And my old bones are sore.”… “I know what you mean. See you.” And he got off at his floor.

I first met Bruce Willis when he was a very young actor making his mark in a TV series called “Moonlighting.” His show was on a rival network that took the risk to place “Moonlighting” opposite “Hart to Hart.” In the first year we beat them in the ratings every week, but when “Hart to Hart” was unceremoniously canceled by the new programming boss of ABC … whose name no one will ever recall … “Moonlighting” persevered … and the rest is history.

By the way … canceling “Hart to Hart” and a few other shows dropped ABC from 1st position in the ratings wars to 3rd in the network game. Today we have so many more channels that all three of the old networks scramble for ratings among a much larger field of competitors. At our worst “Hart to Hart’s” ratings dropped to a 36-share, almost unheard of in today’s vernacular where a 24-29 share is a mega hit.

Back to rehearsals … Speaking of vernacular … we are learning an entirely new one, dance-wise. The show was initially conceived as a one act, 90 minute marathon of song and dance … it has now become a marathon in two acts … so much more to learn … and much more to retain. For most of us it is mind over matter … for me, my mind is willing but my body gets the message a little later than I’d like … still, it is very early days …

Whoops! Gotta go, Gotta Dance.

15 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 2

  1. WOW, seeing the sneek peeks of Gotta Dance is totally Exciting, I can’t wait to see more. I have no doubt it will be the most Amazing show anyone has ever seen, the cast is Incredible. How can it not be the best..


  2. How lucky was Bruce Willis to meet you once again. I so wish I could go to this Broadway Musical. Sounds like so much fun. What a lot of work. I’m a 68 year old Canadian woman and could never do it. I’m loving your posts. Absolutely inspirational. >


  3. No worries, the body always catches up lol. Glad you’re working hard at something you’ve always wanted to do.👍❤..looking forward to the next blog!


  4. I’m trying so hard to talk my husband in to going to Chicago with me to see the musical. It would be a perfect birthday gift since my birthday is in January.


  5. Thank You Stefanie for the update on how things are going in your rehearshals of the Broadway musical Gotta Dance. Its great to see that you are out there again doing something you love and at the same time making your fans very happy. I hope that you have a great time doing this musical. All your fans miss you & RJ very much doing the Hart to Hart series. We wish you would consider doing a short Hart to Hart come back. It would work. Especially since all you have now on TV is nothing but reality shows. They do not appeal to me. That being said I wish you all the best in this musical & hope you knock the house down. I know you will be fantastic. You are a fantastic dancer & beautiful & classy lady. I wish I could come see you perform in Gotta Dance, but I live on the east coast. I do have many relatives in and around the Chicago area so I would have a place to stay but have been out of work 18 months out of 2 years because of a work injury, fracturing my ankle/foot while directing traffic for the Sheriffs Office. Maybe your show will make it to the Maryland/DC area and I might be able to come. In the meantime I hope the show does great and you take good care of yourself. I think that you are a very talented woman and wish one day to meet you as I follow the fan club postings. Thank you for your continuing care of the William Holden foundation. I guess I have said enough already so I will just say Thank you for all that you do.
    Sincerely Debbie Knight ( A fan always & forever).


  6. I can’t imagine the physical work or the mental challenge of doing this musical. Your amazing, I’m so excited to see the show in December. Thank you for the updates, it feels like we are on this journey with you. You go girl😜


  7. Darling S … Keep The Bath running .. Keep those feet tapping ..what a challenge … What a thrill 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 Xx Susanne

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