Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 3

Mondays are such a special experience. They start out with a bang and fizzle out later. Paula … our dance captain, is amazing. (Pictures to follow.) She has the patience of Jobe and is wildly talented. She helps us by marking the steps and the counts over and over … I am sure we will look back on these days with amusement, but for the moment getting the body to have muscle memory and respond accordingly is the trick … and that is what it is all about. When we get the choreography the effect is fabulous and it’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Just putting all the good moments together is the hard part. Still, every day we make progress.

The New York fall became the New York winter yesterday, last night and today. Temperatures dropped into the 30s and there were snow flurries on Long Island and in Pennsylvania on Sunday. Lillias has the sniffles but is getting better so staying well is now an additional challenge. Hot tea with honey and lemon and lots of Vitamin C and a welcome tub before beddy-bye.

How do you like out new commercial below?

Gotta go … Gotta Dance.


3 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 3

    • I’ve wanted to get to see MY star Stefanie perform in person & meet her! Hopefully my 55 yr dream will come true in Chicago! She looks AWESOME in this & I can hardly wait! Love & hugs, Vicki Anderson


  1. You look fabulous, full of energy and charisma … love your line ‘the Golden Girls meets A Chorus Line’ … can’t wait to see your name on the Broadway marquee next spring. Love, Jackie (yes that Jackie!!)


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