Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 59

Saturday …

Another beautiful bouquet … thank you so much Renee.


Tomorrow is our last show in Chicago so it will be a rather frantic period of time, but I will have the great pleasure of meeting Susan Lindstrom who was the winning bid on Charity Buzz where we auctioned two tickets to Gotta Dance and some private time with me after the show, so there won’t be a blog tomorrow but I will send a photo of Susan whose generosity will help our work at the William Holden Wildlife Foundation.

By popular demand I will be continuing with the blog … thank you all for your enthusiastic responses.

Gotta go, GOTTA DANCE.


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5 thoughts on “Doing A Broadway Musical … Day 59

  1. Yes please you “Gotta Blog” I posted a comment yesterday sometimes it goes on the board and sometimes it doesn’t but I wanted to add in my vote for yes please. Though I know it is bitter sweet to end for now, it is nice to know you will soon be back with your babies. The words to describe you are generous, talented, classy, smart, loving, kind, gracious, inspirational and endearing thank you we love you have a hell of a great show Sunday. And I know Susan will enjoy every minute as we all live vicariously though her experience. Though thank you for tireously allowing so many of us Hart 2 Hart sisters a moment when you could. I hope our admiration and love didn’t overwhelm you. Safe travels home Love Kimmer Lynn

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  2. Congratulations to Susan! And to WHWF! Also, congrats to you, as well, Ms. Powers, for the great run in “Gotta Dance!” I absolutely loved the show and I look forward to seeing you again in NYC! I hope to be walking on my own by then and retire the wheels, and I can’t think of a better way I’d like to celebrate that milestone in my life (hopefully) than seeing you again! Much love, respect, and admiration for you and ALL you do! ~Dale❤


  3. Since today is the last performance for “Gotta Dance”, I would like wish you traveling mercies, plenty of rest & relaxation. I cannot wait for the show to come to New York. Enjoy your time off, kiss the dogs and horses. Take care, good luck on all your future projects and adventures. Love you, Ms. Powers. See you in the fall.


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